Durga puja 2018, oslo

This years Durga Puja, Patrick and Tarak performed Raag Jog, alap and Gat in Mattataal and Drut Tintaal. They ended their performance with bhajans.

Host: Oslo Probasee Bangali


Hungama festival 2018, oslo

Dance school ‘Indian Rythms’ hosted in springtime Hungama Festival with music and social activities. Patrick and Tarak gave a short performance of raag Hamsadhwani in Addhataal, 16 beats.

Host: Indian Rythms


Beats & treats

In late October 2017 Patrick and Tarak performed at Beats & Treats festival where they played a raag Bhimpalasi.

Host: Damini House of Culture


ID : saregamapatrick