It all started when…

Patrick began his Indian classical venture in the summer of 2014. Already interested in eastern music such as Chinese and Mongolian, he come across a performance by Ustad Zakir Hussain and Rakesh Chaurasia. The jugalbandhi was so mezmerizing that Patrick immediately wanted to learn.

Having already experimented with a Chinese Dizi flute, Patrick contacted Italian flutemaker Lorenzo Squillari. He recieved his flute, a small bansuri and started practicing.

In his early years he had already played drums in a marching band and experimented with drums and bass guitar in a band with friends. He started learning drums at the age of 10.

In 2014 Patrick met with bansuriplayer, student of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Tal Coleman. Tal instructed Patrick in the beginning and helped to establish the foundation of his fingering techniques. After 2015 Patrick went his own way to discover his own style. His inspirations are the great Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Rajendra Prasanna, Rakesh Chaurasia, Deepak Ram, Ronu Majumdar and Pravin Godkhini.

In May of 2017 Patrick met Tablaplayer Tarak Dutta. He had his first public performance with Tarak Dutta in the summer of 2017 at the ERA Festival in Oslo. Tarak and Patrick have performed as a duo since that day.

In May of 2018, Patrick visited Rotterdam to get the blessings of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.


Meeting Hariji

“I arrived in Rotterdam not knowing whether I was to meet him or not. Rohini spoke to Hariji and he were to arrive the same day as me, the 8th of May. I checked in at a hostel and got a message from Rohini telling me to meet her at Codarts music school the day after. The day passed and I took the tram to the school and waited. I arrived probably two hours in advance. Suddenly, the man I had been idolizing, the man I had been listening to for the past 4 years, the legend, Hariprasad Chaurasia came walking in the door. 

My heartrate jumped through the roof as he walked closer. I spotted Rohini behind him. I stepped forward to greet him. I shook his hand and told him my name. He smiled and said: «oh yes Patrick, Rohini has told me about you». 

Someone from the Codarts Academy came up and greeted. He showed us to a room where we were to have a masters class. Already there was some students waiting. We sat in a half circle infront of Hariji. He asked us to play and I was the first one to start. Shocked that I would start, my mind went dark and the only thing I could think to play was Raga Yaman. I played a short alap and a composition in rupak taal. Once I was done Hariji asked me to play Raga Bhairav, a raga I only had played once before. I hesitated, but Hariji pushed me to play. Once I played alap he said that I was not totally in tune when playing komal re and that should focus on playing Bhairav. 

Then it was the next person to play. Ivan Vendemiatti, a great flautist from Brazil. He played Raga Bhimpalasi. He and I really found a connection. After every student had played for Hariji, we had a nice long talk about classical music and Harij himself. There was a student, Ilyas Nadjafi, a vocalist, who had broken his arm and Hariji told us a story about one time when he was going to perform two concerts in a row. One in the night and one in the morning. The driver had fallen asleep infront of the wheel and had crashed into a lightpole. Hariji was hurt in his shoulder and refused to go to a hospital. He was going to play a concert. When we ended our session, Ivan and I stayed for a bit longer to ask Hariji some questions. 

After some time Hariji had to leave because he was going to play a concert in Belgium the day after. Ivan invited me to his and his friends practice session. There I met a bunch of talented artists. During the next few days I was over at Ivan’s place and practiced with him. 

Last night in Rotterdam I was invited to sleep at Ivan’s place. We had a lovely meeting with his friends and played some beautiful music. I will never forget his hospitality and kindness. Thank you Ivan.”